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Monday, January 12th, 2009

Website design should have a purpose and a goal behind it.  It is quite easy to create something that is visually appealing but it serves no purpose.  The purpose of your website must be ingenuously communicated through clever design that works to deliver the core message of your site.

Code is consciously ignored during the design phase.  This may be surprising to many who are not involved in design, especially when it is logical that the designer and programmer should ideally work hand in hand.  But when it comes to good webdesign, the designer takes precedence then the coding is done, even though it may take some time.

Decoration or design with no rhyme or reason tends to hinder rather than help a website.  Once the underlying content is valuable, the design aspect will take care of itself.


Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

Web design is not art.  Web design is communication.

Web design delivers the core message of your site within seconds and acts as an interface between the user and that product, function or information.  Design does not stop at looking nice and placing function before form is key to ingenuous design.  When this is done, form enhances function.

Websites are so much better than they were about fifteen years ago, in the early 1990s.  Web designers have learned from their mistakes made in the early years and web design companies  have surely evolved.  With greater experience and greater knowledge of what works as opposed to what does not work, web design companies know that usability is the key to a website’s success.  It is necessary to have equal and healthy doses of design and function.

Web design is somewhat like architecture and, like architecture, web design needs to be beautiful, durable and usable all at the same time.

Keep Web Design in Mind

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

After the decision has been made to build a website the next step is to design your website.

Web design is an art and building websites without the thought process behind the design aspect, the reason for having the site in the first instance, will be defeated.

You see, the site will work, and work well, once the design aspect has been decided on.

The one driving force behind great web design is good usability. The aim is to keep users on the website for a maximum period of time.

Most have probably had the experience wherein we visit a website and it is a confused jumble. What do we do? We surf out as easily as we surfed in, thus, that company would have lost business through a badly-designed website.

Therefore, if the thought process behind the web design is usability, the website design will not be compromised, the user will not become frustrated and will spend the time on your site. Why risk this when the point is keeping users on the site?

The time and energy to get web design down pat is well worth every effort in the long run.