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What do I need a website for?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I sell cups. Yes, cups. Those vessels used for holding hot liquids for us to drink – those types of cups, all types of them.

Therefore, pray tell me why I would need a website?

My business has been steady and in this world of unsteady, that is good.

I pay the bills and we are comfortable.

My niece tells me a website would increase my sales worldwide. How can this be when I live in a small town? She speaks about someone in Europe wanting to buy a set of my teacups via the internet and all I would do is ship to him. What about my bills? If I am shipping to Europe, that is expensive postage. She tells me I will get paid via ‘e-commerce’ before I ship.

So, I try this website thing. A ‘webdesigner’ person comes and shows me things I don’t understand, but he takes photographs of my cups.

The website is done.

I hire my niece.

My cups are being sold in China. Now why would the Chinese want my cups? But they do.

I get orders from Belgium, Johannesburg, Peru and many other countries.

We now sell saucers and teaspoons, sugar bowls and cream pitchers…