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Small business website

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Congratulations! You have traveled the rocky path of setting up your own business.  It’s a small business.  It is your baby.  You have toiled over the bills and night and thought that by now, after 4 years, that you would have seen the profits coming in in larger sums.

Small business run out of a home garage have shot their owners to overnight successes by setting up a website.

Right now, the sale of your product depends on word of mouth and on the random walk-in customer.  You make your payments, pay your bills and are keeping your ‘head above water’ as they say.  But was bare ‘surviving’ your intention when you set up your biz?

Imagine that when you portray your business through a website, millions of users surf into your site, see your products.  Sales will be boosted.  Yes, people will be able to purchase off the website that is tailored with an e-commerce application that is super secure.

Websites are not for the big businesses only.  They also generate big returns for the small biz.